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Black Note E-Liquid: A Natural Tobacco e-Juice

ertrytuyterBlack Note e-liquid is a unique brand in the vapor juice in the market because it uses tobacco as its main ingredient. The tobacco flavour is from natural sources. Additionally, the leaves are passed through an exclusive process to achieve top-notch taste and product. It takes up to eight weeks to steep and extract flavours from tobacco leaves and up to three years to perfect the product. It is no wonder the product is pricy when it finally gets to the market.

This e-juice uses vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol in the ration of 1:1. The nicotine levels in these products are in five different categories, that is; zero, three, six, twelve and eighteen milligrams per millimeter. This gives consumers a wide range to choose from. In so doing, the brand accommodates quitters of nicotine who have zero tolerance for the product, as well as those who need to reduce the intake of nicotine gradually.

Brands under its umbrella

Presently, the firm this e-liquid has the following brands in the market Prelude, Forte, Sonata, Legato, Solo and Quartet, which is a new brand. The inventors of black note e-liquids aim to appeal to adult consumers who appreciate and love the real and diverse taste of tobacco. It is therefore worth noting that all black note e-liquid products are tobacco brands.

Why choose black note e-liquid

erthryftdrKey in the agenda of black note e-liquid creators is safety and elimination of harmful elements. For this reason, black note products are free of artificial coloring, sweeteners, synthetic compounds and chemical additives. Flavours, sweeteners, and coloring are all carefully and with precision extracted from their natural sources. It is truly the 100% naturally extracted brand. Notably, for safety and moral reasons, black note shy’s away from flavours FDA certifies as appealing to minors.

Processing of black note e-liquid

It’s attained through an exclusive process of natural extraction of blends which are then subjected to cold maceration and stepping to realize natural flavours and superb taste. This process takes six to eight weeks and brings out the best natural and most recommended e-liquid flavours in the market right now. Like wine, black note e-liquids are processed gradually and over a long period thereby bringing splendid taste and flavours in the brands. It is no wonder that the brand is the first lab certified N.E.T vaping liquid.…